My Fondness of Net Curtains and Patio Cushions

Net curtains are one of those forms of window feature that remind me of bygone days. Although they are prominent now and definitely have their uses, they do remind me of trips to my auntie’s house where we would play hide and seek. At that age we never quite realized that hiding behind net curtains wasn’t such a great idea if you didn’t want to be caught. For some reason we just kept thinking the other person was really good at the game of hide and seek. But then I suppose you can’t expect too much more from six year olds. Six year olds still aren’t quite aware of the fact that while they can’t easily see someone else through net curtains, the play of light from behind the window makes it easy for others to see their silhouette. A six year old still has a lot to learn when it comes to that.

The best part was when we would create a cubby house behind the curtains with a door at the side where the big heavy curtains were hung. No one was allowed in or out but us unless they said the codeword. We weren’t allowed to furnish our cubby house with cushions from inside the house but we were allowed to use the patio cushions that were out on the patio bench. So we would gather all the patio cushions we could find, bring them back and stack them haphazardly behind the net curtains. The patio cushions made excellent lounges when you took the trouble to place them just so. We would sit there and pretend that we were rich in our own house with lots of movies and candy just waiting for us when we left.

After a while we would get bored and that’s when the real fun would start. Patio cushions make great cannon balls and suddenly, in our imaginations we had become opponents in some age-old civil war from a distant country. We would let fly with patio cushions and our net curtains would become shields and barriers. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before we would get tangled in the net curtains and they would come crashing down. Then aunty would come in laughing. I still to this day do not understand why she did not rouse on us, but clearly she was having as much fun as us just by watching. Who would have thought net curtains and patio cushions could bring back such fond memories.

What You Might Not Know About a Door Curtain

Many people might not know that a simple door curtain can do a lot of wonders if utilize for the right reasons. If you think this curtain is just for decoration, than you are totally on a different page. When it comes to saving money and increasing security, these door curtains definitely does its job very well. Of course if you have doors that don’t have any type of windows on them and you place these curtains on them, than its pure decoration only. Any type of door that has windows on them should consider utilizing some type of window protection.

Houses with the front main door that utilizes glass windows should use any type of door curtain for security purpose. Most people normally have curtains or blinds on their house windows but tend to forget about the ones that are on the doors. During the day or night you might get random people soliciting and might check your house to see if anyone is home. The last thing you want is to give people idea that you have a lot of expensive items in your home and it left out in the open. By having everything covered up and not visible, people will less likely target your home. To increase security and maintain this, you definitely want to cover up the door windows with a door curtain.

Sunlight during the hot afternoon tends to shine through the windows. When this happens, you might find your house getting a lot warmer quicker. By blocking out excess sunlight that is trying to get pass the windows with a door curtain, you won’t have to worry too much about the house getting hot. You can save a lot of money on electricity bill this way by not utilizing air conditioners too early in the day. During the summer is probably the best time to utilize curtains to keep heat out as much as possible.

If you look around online for the types of door curtains that are available, most of them actually have great designs. If you’re someone who likes having decorative curtains than there are many that are available just for you. The great thing about being decorative while finding the perfect curtains for your door is that you’ll eventually achieve both goals that are mentioned in this article. You will be adding security to your home as well as save money on electricity bill through time. With just a simple door curtain, you can do a lot that you don’t even realize about it.

Chris Madden Curtains – Bold and Beautiful Options For Covering Your Windows

The right curtains can make or break how good the rooms in your house look. You can have the nicest, most expensive furniture and decor, but if the curtains aren’t right the whole room will seem lacking. On the other hand, finding and installing the right window coverings can go a long way to upgrading the room’s attractiveness, and for not a lot of money. Chris Madden curtains are known for their quality, variety of choice and reasonable pricing. It’s a good place to start.

The first thing to consider in choosing window coverings is the type of room you’ll be decorating and the kind of mood you want to create. Different rooms have different functions and the proper choice of curtains can benefit functionality greatly. For example, in the TV room you’re going to want to eliminate any glare coming in the windows or it will be reflected in the television screen and make it difficult to see clearly. The proper choice of window treatments can accomplish this.

Your living room is typically a focal point in your home where you entertain guests and have the nicest furniture. It may not be used as much as some of the other rooms, but when you do use it you want it to be just right. Choosing a particular fashion of window covering can make it look formal, comfortable, romantic or anything you want, really.

The kitchen, used extensively in the house for lots of things, should have something installed on the windows that coordinates with the horizontal surfaces and the appliances. Taking into account that moisture can be prevalent in the kitchen, curtain material should be selected that won’t be negatively affected. The same holds true in bathrooms, which typically experience moisture from steam created when you take a hot shower.

Something to consider when choosing a window covering is their degree of energy conserving properties. Sheer curtains will let light filter into a room but have little effect on keeping the cold out or the heat in (and vice versa). Insulated curtains, on the other hand, can help a great deal. Even if your windows aren’t especially energy efficient, selecting the right curtain can improve the window’s efficiency greatly.

Window treatments can either be bought ‘off the rack’ or custom designed to your specifications. Obviously, custom made is going to be a bit pricier, but these days even nice custom curtains can be very reasonable. You can shop online, go to a retail store or have someone come to your house to give an estimate.

For as many different types of windows that exist, there are just as many ways to decorate them. For typical square or rectangular windows, the solution should be simple and easy to find. The hardest part is in deciding what you think would look best. For unique windows, such as round or trapezoidal, custom-made may be the only solution. That, or you could always make your own!

Windows are the one thing that are visible from both inside and outside your home. Taking care of this one accessory can greatly affect how it appears to you and others. Chris Madden curtains offers everything you could want in this area. Have a look.